The triune God speaks

And his people respond

The worship service is above all a meeting between God and His people. Man’s chief end is to give glory to God and to enjoy him forever. In worship, we ascribe to the Lord the glory due His name. We come to give thanks and praise for who he is and what he has done.

In worship God blesses us and ministers to us. God promises to uniquely meet with His people in worship through his Word and his Holy Spirit. We behold his glory by faith and believe that as we worship we are joined with the whole heavenly host that serves and worships God without ceasing.

God calls us

To worship him in the assembly of the saints

  • Salutation: God greets us with an announcement of grace and peace through our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Call To Worship: God calls us to worship him in the assembly.
  • Doxology: We praise the eternal, triune God who calls us into his presence. 
  • Prayer of Approach: the minister leads the people in humbly seeking God’s face and asking he visit with us by his Spirit in worship, acknowledging even the act of worship as a gift from God. 
  • Psalm/Hymn of Adoration: The saints worship God by singing of his excellent greatness.

God hears our confession

And assures us of his forgiveness

  • Reading of God’s Law: We hear God’s perfect standard of righteousness.
  • Confession of Sin: We confess our failure to obey his perfect standard.
  • Assurance of Pardon: God assures us of his forgiveness through Jesus who died and rose again.
  • Gloria Patri: The saints praise the Triune God for his mercy through this ancient and ecumenical song.

God unites us

In apostolic doctrine and prayer

  • Scripture Reading: God speaks to the saints through his infallible Word.
  • Psalm/Hymn of Assurance: We respond to God’s Word and his mercy with song.
  • Confession of Faith: We publicly proclaim in whom and what we believe.
  • Congregational Prayer: We adore the triune God and brings our needs and requests to him.
  • The Lord’s Prayer: We unite our voices to pray as Christ Jesus teaches his disciples.
  • Offering: The saints give to the work of the Gospel and the Kingdom of Christ.

God gives us grace

Through the ministry of Word and Sacrament

  • Sermon: God reveals himself, blesses and instructs his people, renews us in the Gospel, and calls lost sinners to believe in Jesus Christ.
  • Hymn of Dedication: We sing in response to the Lord speaking to us.
  • Communion: We partake by faith of Christ’s body and blood to be nourished in his life, love, and grace.
  • Diaconal Offering: on the first Sunday of the month we give collectively to the needs of mercy in our congregation and elsewhere. 
  • Hymn of Praise: We respond to the gift of Jesus our Lord by singing God’s praises.

God sends us

And the saints depart with his blessing

Benediction: God dismisses the saints with his blessing, placing his name upon us as we depart to serve him.