Our Pastor

Jody Morris

Jody is a graduate of Seattle Bible College and received his Master of Divinity degree from Westminster Seminary in California. He is an ordained minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Jody and his sons Calvin and Quentin live in Carlisle.

Our Elders

Lynn Hoffman

It has been my privilege to serve as ruling elder at Redeemer OPC since it was first organized as a church. I am deeply committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is proclaimed in the inerrant Word of God and firmly hold to the Reformed expression of the Christian faith.

As an elder I am actively engaged in the spiritual nurturance of the congregation I serve. This is not only accomplished leadership on Sunday mornings, but also through regularly scheduled home visitations with the pastor.

We preach and practice mature Christian faith at Redeemer. Joining with us will allow you to grow in your love for Christ and your knowledge of the bible. You will additionally experience the sweet fellowship of a congregation that is united in it’s love the Lord.

Rick Tomredle

I was born in New Jersey and raised a practicing Roman Catholic. Through some rather dramatic happenings, I came to fully give my life to Christ at the age of 19 during the late 70s “Baby Boomer Revival”.  Shortly thereafter, I was introduced to the Reformed expression of Christ’s Kingdom. I call this my “being born again again” experience.

To make a long story short, my marvelous wife Fay and I were called (and I really mean called) to move our family to Carlisle in 1988.  In 2006, in a further kind providence, our loving LORD led us here to Redeemer where we found the church we were always looking for: deeply spiritual, relational, welcoming, peaceful, and uncompromisingly committed to traditional Reformed theology and worship.

I was ordained to the office of Ruling Elder Jan 2014, where I enjoy the privilege of serving this remarkable congregation that lives out the exhortation of Hebrews 13:7. In addition to the responsibilities of the office, I teach Church History in our Adult Christian Education class.

Greg Rudder

I am humbled by God’s call to the role of Ruling Elder at Redeemer OPC and am delighted to serve along side our wonderful members and friends.

God called me to saving faith as a young adult and I am grateful for thirty plus years where my family and I have worshipped and served in OPC and PCA churches. I hold firmly to God’s Word found in the Holy Scriptures and am firmly committed to the reformed doctrines followed in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

As an Elder serving at Redeemer Church I am delighted to not only provide care over our worship but also to our church family with whom I have discovered a loving fellowship of believers committed to biblical worship and caring service as the body of Christ.

Our Deacons

Brett Weigle

Andrew Samuelsen

Greg Mauchamer