God calls us to worship him in the assembly of the saints

  • Invocation: The saints ask the Triune God to attend worship with his blessing.
  • Salutation: God greets us with the grace and mercy of the gospel.
  • Call To Worship: God calls us to worship him in the assembly.
  • Doxology, Prayer and Hymn: The saints worship God with adoration, thanksgiving and praise.

God hears our confession and assures us of his forgiveness

  • Reading of God’s Law: God presents his perfect standard of righteousness to the saints.
  • Confession of Sin: We confess our failure to obey his perfect standard.
  • Assurance of Pardon: God assures us of his forgiveness through Jesus who died for sin.
  • Gloria Patri: The saints praise the Triune God for his blessings of forgiveness and eternal life.

God unites us in apostolic doctrine and prayer

  • Scripture Reading: God speaks to the saints with his infallible Word.
  • Psalm Selection: We respond with singing songs from God’s Word.
  • Apostles Creed: We proclaim our faith in God’s redeeming Word.
  • Congregational Prayer: We petition God for help in our time of need.
  • The Lord’s Prayer: We unite in voice to pray as Christ has taught us.
  • Offering: The saints give to the needs of others.

God gives us grace through the ministry of word & sacrament

  • Sermon: God gives grace to the saints through the preaching of the Word.
  • Prayer and Hymn of Response: We pray and sing to be transformed by God’s Word.
  • Communion: The Spirit feeds Christ to us as food for the nourishment of our souls.
  • Post-Communion Hymn: The saints offer thanks and praise for the grace they have received.

God dismisses the saints with his blessing

  • Benediction: God dismisses the saints with his blessing, and we go out to serve with our lives.